Name Position Education Background Research Field
Ray-Bing Chen Professor & Department Chair Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA),U.S.A., 2003 Statistical Modeling, Statistical Computing, Experimental Designs, Independent Component Analysis
Yu, Shyr Visiting Distinguished Chair Professor Ph.D., U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA 1994 Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Clinical Trial
Ming-Tzong Yang Emeritus Professor M.S., National Cheng Kung U., ROC 1979 Statistics; Statistics Practice; Statistics Problem
Jeh-Nan Pan Professor Ph.D., Texas Tech U., USA ,1984 Industrial Statistics; Statistical Process Control and Quality Management; Reliability Engineering; Business Decision Methods
Yun-Chan Chi Professor Ph.D., The Ohio State U., USA 1988 Survival Analysis, Regression Analysis; Nonparametrics; Statistical Consulting
Mei-Mei Zen Professor Ph.D., Purdue U., USA 1991 Calculus; Probability; Bayesian Analysis; Optimal Design
Miin-Jye Wen Professors Ph.D., U. of Georgia, USA 1991 Multivariate Analysis, Ranking and Selection, Multiple Comparison Procedures
Shih-Huang Chan Associate Professor Ph.D., The Ohio State U., USA 1989 Regression Analysis; Multivariate Analysis; Longitudinal Data Regression
Mi-Chia Ma Associate Professor Ph.D., National Tsing-Hua U., ROC 1992 Biostatistics; Mathematical Statistics; Software Reliability Analysis; Ecology Statistics
Chang-Tai Chao Associate Professor Ph.D., Penn. State U., USA 1999 Adaptive Sampling Strategy; Sampling Theory and Methods; Optimal Sampling Strategy
Shuen-Lin Jeng Associate Professor Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1998, Statistics Special interests in statistical intervals, reliability data analysis, statistical computing and data mining.
Sheng-Mao Chang Associate Professor Ph.D. in Statistics, North Carolina State Univers Statistical Computing, Generalized Linear Mixed Model, Stochastic Approximation
Kuo-Jung Lee Associate Professor Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2010 Bayesian Modeling, Monte Carlo Algorithms, Functional MRI Analysis
Pei-Fang Su Associate Professor Ph.D., National Cheng Kung U., ROC 2010 Survival Analysis, Statistical Consulting, Biostatistics
Chung-I Li Associate Professor Ph.D., National Cheng Kung U., ROC 2008 Industrial Statistics, Statistical Computing, Bioinformatics, Statistical Consulting
Cheng-Te Li Associate Professor Ph.D., National Taiwan U., ROC Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Social Network Analysis, Recommender Systems, Natural Language Processing
Liang-Ching Lin Assistant Professor Ph.D., National Sun Yat-sen University, ROC, 2013 Time series analysis, Mathematical finance, High-frequency financial data analysis.
Hsing-Ming Chang Assistant Professor Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Manitoba, CAN 2012 Applications of Finite Markov Chain Imbedding Technique, Applied Spatial Clustering Detection Method
Jung-Ying Tzeng Visiting Professor Ph.D., Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University gene/pathway-based analysis for pharmacogenetics、SNP genotyping error and quality control、sequence-based association analysis
Hsin-Chou Yang Professor, Jointly Appointed Ph.D., National Tsing Hua U., ROC 2002 Genetic/Genomic Statistics, Ecological Statistics, Bioinformatics
Chih-Chieh Wu Associate Professor, Jointly Appointed Ph.D., Stat U. of New York at Stony Brook, USA 2000 Combinatorial Mathematics, Biostatistics, Cancer Genetics, Genetic Epidemiology, Statistical Genetics
Ching-Ho Leu Adjunct Professor Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 1988 Sampling Surveys; Categorical Data Analysis; Experimental Design
Hsiu-Li Hsi Adjunct Associate Professors Ph.D., South Carolina State U., USA 1989 Mathematics of Compound Interest, Sampling Theory, Actuarial Mathematics
Pi-O Cheng Adjunct Lecturer M.S., Purdue U., USA 1983 Statistics; Regression Analysis; Calculus