AACSB 為「Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business」的縮寫,中文名稱為「國際商管學院促進協會」,是一個世界性的商學院聯盟,旨在推動管理教育的持續改進,並針對通過其評鑑標準的商學院頒發認證。

Mission and Vision for Department of Statistics (STAT)

Strategic Objectives:

Cultivate quality professionals with enthusiasm and global perspectives.


  • Expertise
  • Enthusiasm
  • Excellence

Educational Objectives:

Undergraduate Program

  1. Offer a high quality teaching and learning environment that develops students a basic understanding in the fundamentals of statistical theory, application and decision analysis.
  2. Prepare students for data collection and analysis as well as survey sampling techniques.
  3. Enhance practical application of statistical methods and computer softwares.

Master Program

  1. Teach statistical research methods, data analysis tools as well as consulting techniques for business, medical and industrial applications.
  2. Provide a curriculum that combines the statistical knowledge in theory, practice and various applications.
  3. Develop socially responsible statisticians with global perspectives.

Ph.D. Program

  1. Emphasize theoretical development and methodological innovation in statistical science.
  2. Provide rigorous academic training in mathematical statistics, advanced probability and applied statistics.
  3. Cultivate quality scholars and researchers whose res