National Cheng Kung University

Department Info.

Undergraduate program

  1. Advanced studies: Many of our graduates have enrolled into statistics-related graduate programs in Taiwan, such as Statistics, Business Administration, Industrial Management, Economics, Commercial departments, and so on. Also, a large portion of graduates goes abroad to pursue graduate degrees.  After obtaining their Ph.D. degrees, some of them were recruited by prestigious universities of Taiwan.
  2. Employment conditions: Many alumni hold positions in government and industry, such as in the statistics sector in government, quality control in firms, marketing survey, statistical analysis, financial management, production management, insurance, and other statistics-related jobs.

Since 1959, about four thousand graduates have obtained their degrees, and have outstanding performance.


Graduate Program

About four hundred graduates have received their MS degrees from this program since 1993. Our alumni in general have statistics-related positions in government or private sectors. Since 1998, the beginning of the Ph.D. program, fifteen Ph.D. students have graduated and found faculty positions at universities in Taiwan.