National Cheng Kung University

Department Info.

(1) University Computer classroom (62225):

1. 40 personal computers, using Win 10 operating system, installed with broadcast teaching software, and installed with Office series, R, Python, SAS, SPSS, Minitab and other software.
2. Wireless microphone, single gun projector and curtain, color laser printer, black and white laser printer, A3 color inkjet printer, scanner.
3. A1 poster machine, digital photocopier, digital camera, digital video camera, portable wireless amplifier set.
4. Business weekly magazines, software manuals, statistical books.

(2) Research Institute Computer Classroom (62541):

1. 31 personal computers, using Win7/Win10 operating system, and installed with Office series, R, Python, SAS, SPSS, Minitab, Matlab and other software.
2. Access control management system (open 24 hours).

(3) Server and network (62541-1):

1. Various types of servers (DELL R840*2 /DELL R730 / DELL R630 / DELL T630 /DELL 7820*2).
2. Cluster cluster computer, DiskArray disk array.
3. Optical fiber network, network firewall, monitoring system, uninterruptible power equipment, power saving system.
4. 24-hour air-conditioning operation.

(4) Audiovisual classrooms (62115 and 62331) and general classrooms (6 in total):

1. Digital information desk (computer) and teaching whiteboard.
2. Single gun projector, physical projector, electric pearl screen.
3. Teaching live/recording system (62223 and 62331).
4. The audio-visual classroom adopts stepped cloth seats.

(5) Survey and Statistic Research Center:

1. WIN CATIS/CAMIS computer assisted telephone/market research system (50 users).
2. WIN CAWI computer-assisted network investigation system.
3. One server host and two supervisory monitoring computers (including monitoring and recording).
4. Interviewer terminal (computer, telephone, modem, headset microphone) total 50 groups.
5. Multifunctional color laser printer, laser printer, single-gun projector.
6. Public opinion/market survey report, telephone directory, statistical briefing, statistical annual report (check), household registration and housing census report.

(6) Other:

1. Wireless network system for the whole department.
2. Removable 65-inch LCD monitor.
3. A movable 120-inch projection screen.
4. Please download the authorized software in the school from the Network Center: